Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Rob Beverly a.k.a. Steelheadbob....and I'm a Steelhead addict! I've been chasing Steel from the age of seven growing up on the Rocky River learning the waters with my teacher, my father. Twentyeight years later, I decided to teach others how and where to catch Steelhead. I teach Steelhead seminars at different Gander Mountains and other stores and shows to help new fishermen, and old, to improve their catch and release numbers and to educate them in the gear, baits and water reading.

So a couple of years ago, I put together alittle guide service of my own. We will take you out on the Vermilion, Rocky, Chagrin, Grand, Ashtabula and Conneaut Rivers and show you the ways that I have learned to catch Steelhead. We guide SPIN, FLY and CENTERPIN. We'll teach you how to choose what baits and float control and how to read the rivers and water so you'll be able to go out on your own and come home with a good number day. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call or email me.

The season starts October-April. Days are Sunday through Saturday. Hours available are from morning to sunset, but most will be an 8-10hour day. I will also be running night trips, call or email for info. We will supply the necessary rods, gear (such as hooks,leaders,bait, shot & floats and flies) and photos of your catch unless you would like to use your own and you would need to supply your own waders. Keep in mind, if you have chest waders, your fishing access will go farther. You must have a valid Ohio fishing license and be prepared to have a great learning and fishing experience.

Rob Beverly= Owner/Guide 216-645-3593


Rates are as follows::::::

One Person Full Day.... $160.00

Two Person Full Day.... $190.00

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card must be made prior to fishing. If you are driving in from out of state and need info on local rooms or cabins, feel free to ask



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Ashtabula River Winter 2010 Harvest Hen

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  I headed up to New York again this season on a four day trip with some friends.
Weather was perfect, but water levels were down. We started out at Oak trying our luck on some Browns, but found we were just alittle to soon. We got into some numbers but not like last year.

We hit a couple nice Browns and a few Steelhead. Joyce landed this nice fresh male caught on eggs.
So as night started to fall we headed up river to check out some runs for Fridays fishing.
On Friday morning we started up by the dam and worked our way back down to were we were before, running into alot of guys throwing streamers and beads.

We hooked into some nice Kings on the walk down that were sucking in the white wooly buggers drifting along. The fights were great on my light action 10 1/2' Cortland CTR noodle rod. We hooked into alot of fresh Kings but my rod couldnt handle there take offs.

On Saturday we decided to head up to 18 Mile Creek due to the reports of good number of Browns on the Creek. Guys lined from shoulder to shoulder. I started out fishing the train tracks while the other 3 split up to find fish. I wasnt hitting anything on sacks until I resized them to 3 eggs each and started to hook into some really nice fish. But getting past the kings was beginning to get hard as there were also nailing the pink sacks.

As the Browns were turning of to eggs, I tied on a white flash bugger and the Browns decided it was time to eat, hooking and landing some sweet fish including this awsome male. As the day went on and crowds were getting ruff, we decided to hit some small feeder creeks that we had passed over. Ended up running into King Heaven with only seeing a few guys within a 2 mile hike and fish. Didnt really matter what we threw, they were hungry. Kevin was hooking some monster males on gummy eggs.

So it was getting late and we started to walk back to the truck hitting holes and runs here and there picking out a few. We harvest 3 to take home for some eggs and meat. Joyce hooked into this nice hen on her fly rod. We had to tease her with "have you hugged your king yet today" LOL

We ended up leaving Sunday and taking the back country roads home and stopped at another creek before the P.A. line to find it a little dirty, but the veiws were beautiful.

           I had a great trip this year fishing with Joyce, Kevin and Brad. It was the first time the three of them had been to New York and I think I have them hooked for next years trip. We had taken alot of photos, had alot of laughs and some good fights. Im counting down the days until we can do it again....

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