Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Rob Beverly a.k.a. Steelheadbob....and I'm a Steelhead addict! I've been chasing Steel from the age of seven growing up on the Rocky River learning the waters with my teacher, my father. Twentyeight years later, I decided to teach others how and where to catch Steelhead. I teach Steelhead seminars at different Gander Mountains and other stores and shows to help new fishermen, and old, to improve their catch and release numbers and to educate them in the gear, baits and water reading.

So a couple of years ago, I put together alittle guide service of my own. We will take you out on the Vermilion, Rocky, Chagrin, Grand, Ashtabula and Conneaut Rivers and show you the ways that I have learned to catch Steelhead. We guide SPIN, FLY and CENTERPIN. We'll teach you how to choose what baits and float control and how to read the rivers and water so you'll be able to go out on your own and come home with a good number day. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call or email me.

The season starts October-April. Days are Sunday through Saturday. Hours available are from morning to sunset, but most will be an 8-10hour day. I will also be running night trips, call or email for info. We will supply the necessary rods, gear (such as hooks,leaders,bait, shot & floats and flies) and photos of your catch unless you would like to use your own and you would need to supply your own waders. Keep in mind, if you have chest waders, your fishing access will go farther. You must have a valid Ohio fishing license and be prepared to have a great learning and fishing experience.

Rob Beverly= Owner/Guide 216-645-3593


Rates are as follows::::::

One Person Full Day.... $160.00

Two Person Full Day.... $190.00

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card must be made prior to fishing. If you are driving in from out of state and need info on local rooms or cabins, feel free to ask



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Ashtabula River Winter 2010 Harvest Hen

Monday, July 12, 2010

My first thoughts on Steelhead fishing were to pursue them in the Great Lakes bays. That was until i took in a free Steelhead seminar at Gander Mountain in Elyria. Thats where i met Steelheadbob, or Rob has is friends know him. Rob hosted the seminar and it was all about fishing for these great fish in our rivers of Steelhead Alley. By time Rob was done with the seminar i had changed my mind about trolling for these fish and could'nt wait to chase them in the scenic rivers. I have been Steelhead fishing for going on three years now and im totally addicted.
Throughout my time Steelheading, i have always looked up to Rob for his advice on where to fish and what flies and bait to use. Even though i have never chartered with him, he has never led me astray, and thanks to him i have caught several fish. Last winter i finally had to chance to fish with Rob. It was the coldest day of the year and most of the rivers were frozen shut. Rob took me to one little spot of the Rocky River, told me what to use and within five minutes i was hooked up with a five lb chromer. By the time he netted the fish for me i was totally frozen. We didn't fish anymore that day but he drove me around the Rocky and pointed out some great spots to try when the river thawed. When i tried to pay for the charter, Rob would not accept the money (because we didn't get to fish long) even though i picked the date and river to fish. Rob is a real class act. Every other charter would have taken the money and not thought twice about it.
Rob is one of those guys who truly loves to fish, but loves to teach others to fish even more. There isn't a time i go Steelheading without talking to him and he always leads me to the fish. He is a true friend and i know anyone who meets him on the river would feel the same.

Jim Martin___ OGF Member LimaEyecatcher
Steelhead; I never heard of the term before until a great friend of mine introduced me to the excitement of river fishing last fall. It started as a curiosity and quickly developed into once a week trips to Cleveland. The problem was, I wasn’t catching any fish with my fly rod. I was new to river fishing, let alone new to fly fishing altogether. After numerous empty-handed trips I started losing hope of catching my first steelhead. I had already spent thousands of dollars in gear, instructional books and a variety of baits.
I had just about given up until this great friend of mine introduced me to Steelhead Bob. Steelhead Bob was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his passion for steelheading. He took time out of his day to take us out and show us the ropes. Within a couple of weeks I had my first steelhead (an 8 ½ lb hen) that set the hook in my own passion for steelhead. Since then Steelhead Bob has taken time out of his own busy schedule to provide us with information and help in having successful trips. Even in the off-season he doesn’t forget those who he has helped. The man eats sleeps and breathes fishing and has given me the opportunity to partake in, not only catching my first steelhead, but in meeting great people and enjoying river fishing altogether.

Joe. OGF Member

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just wanted to post and introduce Sagamore Creek Rod Crafters and
Steve Dyczkiewycz. Ive known Steve for some time now and I can say he Is a true Die Hard Steelhead Fisherman. We've had many good trips to the Ashtabula and Conny Rivers
and have really put a beating on the fish. As much as I can go on about his fishing, I wanted to say that his woodworking skills and craftmanship on making fishing rods from your light action five foot crappie rod to your fourteen foot float rod is superb. Or even if you just wanted a handle made just for your rod, he can make any rod look like it was a million bucks!!!
Stop by Steves site and just take a look at some of the rods and handles that he has made and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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